Rwanda : Man arrested for attempting to bribe a traffic police officer

Police in the Western district of Nyamasheke are holding a man for attempting to bribe a Police officer.

Fabien Ndayishimiye, a representative of Nyamasheke driving school approached a Police officer who was supervising a practical driving exam in Nyamasheke district and proposed to offer Rwf300,000 cash and a cheque worth Rwf800,000 if he let six driving license seekers from his driving school win.

Realizing where Ndayishimiye was heading, the Police officer asked him to hand over the money but he promised to bring it immediately as he did not have it on him.

Ndayishimiye is reported to have returned with the money and called the Police officer on the side to hand it to him.

The Police officer immediately called for help as Ndayishimiye insisted on giving him the cash. Onlookers counted the money and found that the suspect had brought Rwf190, 000. Submitting to a body search, Ndayishimiye was found with an additional Frw 10,000 on him.

Police Spokesperson Theos Badege said that despite efforts to warn the public about bribing Police officers, there are those who still bend on corrupt tendencies.

“Police has ensured that traffic test venues are decentralized to ensure easy access. Transparency has been enhanced to avoid unfairness but people still resort to buying their rights. This should stop,” Superintendent Badege said.

If found guilty, the suspect is likely to face a sentence ranging from two to five years in accordance to article 14 of Law N⁰ 23/2003 of August 7, 2003. This punishes corruption and related offences.


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