Rwanda : Turkish airlines launches first flight to Kigali

Turkish airlines launches

One of flourished  European companies, Turkish Airlines  opened the Istanbul -Kigali route as well as an operations office May 2012  as part of the company’s expansion plans to Africa.

The airline arrived to Rwanda’s capital city while carrying a high profile delegation of Turkish officials and was progress for both countries. The envoy that was led by the Turkish airline boss was welcomed  warmly soon after touching  Kigali International Airport.

The  Istanmbul-Kigali direct flight has come following the Mid 2011 courtesy call of a turkish deligation spearhesded by the turkish airline CEO  Temel Kotil, and his delegation to president Paul Kagame at Village Urugwiro where they had come to brief him on the plans to open their new rout to Rwanda.

During the 2011 meeting with President Kagame Kotil said that undoubtedly, the Rwandan people and foreigners who would wish to travel to Rwanda will enjoy the airline’s renowned world class services.

“The European airline has entered a partnership with the national carrier RwandAir, to provide it with support in capacity building and fleet maintenance among several other services.We know that Rwanda is a very important place. It is on the heart of Africa and we see this place as a hub,” Kotil said.

Hon Kotil added that the carrier already covers the whole of Africa. He pointed out that Rwanda is a beautiful country that is emerging hence the reason to expand to the the Rwandan market.

The airline operates 142 international destinations including 17 in Africa and Kigali becomes the 18th city for its operations.

The exposure of Rwanda to the world through the Turkish airline’s global network will enable the country to attract more tourists hence creating global mutural partnership and boosting Rwandas economy through foreign exchange as Rwanda is known for the best wildlife attractions exemplified by the lovely mountain Gorrilars.





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