Rwanda | Nyanza: Bicycles beat other cruisers in rural

Rwanda Bicycle carrying over 300 kilograms of food stuffs

Photo: Bicycle carrying over 300 kilograms of food stuffs

 In different villages of Rwanda, bicycles are commonly used for transporting goods and a means of transport on wedding and other ceremonies.

 In Nyanza, the bride grooms are using bicycles to transport their brides to church for taking vows. Although it is lowly looked at by many, the parties in question seem to be comfortable with system.

This is especially common when couples that have been married illegally gather at the sectors in certain rural districts for civil weddings, whereby you find over 100 bicycles parked at the sector premises.

Besides using them for functions, bicycles are used in transporting heavy bags of cassava, beans, bananas and others to the markets.

This practice is done in many sectors of Nyanza; bicycles are commonly used in Nyagisozi, Rwabicuma, Busoro, Ntyazo, Kibilizi and other areas.

Although bicycles are expensive compared to our income, it is a bit cheap compared to other means of transport that use fuel.

This is the sole reason behind many residents using bicycles even on wedding ceremonies taking brides to church, says Mvuyekure who owns a bicycle.


However, bicycle users complain that those with motor vehicles under look them especially when they meet on the road. They emphasize that some accidents do happen because of motor vehicles owners’ behavior.




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