Rwanda | Ngoma: Taxi parking area still troublesome

After repairing Ngoma parking lot only few months ago, potholes have developed again because of the way this park was repaired which was temporarily.

Rwanda Ngoma  Taxi parking

Ngoma parking lot started to be repaired on the 13th.Feb.2012 after finding out that potholes were causing accidents as people fell in them and was closed for some time to be repaired and now these potholes have started to reappear again.

After it opened its doors to operate again, people who work in this parking lot kept saying that the way this park was repaired was not good and it won’t last for long and on the 24th.April.2012, this problem resurfaced again when a woman fell in the pothole and got injured.

One of the people who give tickets for Express travels said, “This Park has never been taken seriously, and that is why those who repaired it didn’t do anything tangible, where on earth you can repair a thing and it is destroyed again before three months are gone?”

Though people are unhappy about this problem, the district administration is going to repair it again. This parking lot was opened on the 24th.May.2012 but the entrepreneur who did it has not yet presented it officially.

When they looked for him to repair it when it got destroyed, he was nowhere to be seen and the money that the district owed him is about 2 million and this money was used to repair the park.








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