Rwanda | Gatsibo: Illiterate to get Provisional License

On May 22nd 2012, over 637 residents in Gatsibo district turned up for provisional licence examination.


While most people think that those who reads and writes are the only ones allowed to do exams, National police allowed the illiterate the chance saying driving is all about understanding signposts but not reading or writing.


Residents who cannot read and write we found lining to do the exams, told us that they are thankful to the police for allowing the illiterate their right to driving in their country.


One resident who preferred anynormous “It’s not our fault that we do not know how to write or read, driving requires mastering the signposts on the road which they taught us.”


Some of the residents who got provisional licences were motorcyclists thank the police saying it was affecting their work.


Gatsibo district has the biggest number of mature people who can’t read and write. Although they are sensitised to go to school, most residents fear to be laughed at.



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