Rwanda : $5-Billion railway connecting Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi to be built in 2014

Rwanda $5-Billion railway connecting Tanzania


Reliable information reaching disclosed that Africa’s longest railway line will be built in 2014 to connect Rwanda, Tanzania and Burundi and boost the economy of the region.

Addressing a press conference Thursday, Director General of the Rwandan Transport Agency (RTA) Elias Twagira said that “the construction of the railway will contribute to Rwanda’s remarkable economic development through trade with regional countries at a cost effective transport means.”

He also pointed out that by the end of 2013, all requirements for the railway project to link up Tanzania and Burundi through Rwanda will be ready and the construction will consequently start in early 2014 at an estimated cost of 5 billion $US. ”

The remarks came at the end of a two-day consultative meeting of transport ministers of the three East African countries to discuss the railways, which will run from the port of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania through the Isaka dry port to Kigali.

The planned railway network will cover more than 1,500 km, likely to be the longest railway line in Africa.



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