Rwanda is one among the East African countries developing at a very high pace, being a land locked country, Rwanda’s main gate is hinged to road and air transport .

Though the country has no automobile manufacturers, purchasing a vehicle is simple. Rwanda has sufficient registered car dealing companies that provide any specific car make, depending on the demand.

AKAGERA Motors-Kigali is the sole distributor of Toyota and Yamaha Brands in Rwanda.  It’s located at plot number 6, avenue de la paix in Kigali.


Since its birth in 1997, Akagera motors ranks the best distributor of TOYOTA autos in Rwanda and has registered tremendous success in the past seven years. The company offers Vehicle After-Sales Support Services for Toyota Brands and Yamaha Brands, Countrywide.

In 2007 the world’s leading manufacturer of the heaviest duty trucks and buses SCANIA MOTORTS opened a distribution branch in Kigali.


Located  at plot number 364 kicukiro road,

Rwanda’s transport sector being rated as the fast growing economic sector in the region with the best network of road linking rural and urban areas has attracted the long living SUZUKI, FORD,ISUZU and  LANDLOVER distributor.


Rwandamotor was created in 1967 as a small garage without any brands. This changed due to rapid expansion in the eighties. Rwanda motor moved in 1990 to its new premises in Kigali at only 1 mile from the city centre.

Dario Simbizi is the public relations officer at Rwanda motors located at gikondo industrial park a few meters from the national store of medicines CAMERWA , he explained that the customer is the chief received at the sales counter by the receptionist where invoices are printed and transmitted to the customer adding that prices are negotiable for every brand needed.


Rwanda motors workshop is fully computerised with job-orders allowing to see for each vehicle the hours spent, the parts replaced, the technician who executed the work and much more. The company is also committed to supply durable motorcycles.

Other auto dealers in Rwanda includes,


Established in 1977 as the sole importer and distributor of the renowned DAIHATSU automobile vehicles and spare-parts, SAR Motors is the ‘one stop solution’ for Kigali’s transportation needs. Specializing in the distribution of Daihatsu vehicles, ranging from pickup trucks (Delta) to the off Road vehicle (Terios), Sar Motors supplies to numerous Ministries, international organizations and leading multinational companies.
Holding the view that maintaining long term relationships, acting with integrity and surpassing client expectations is the key to success, Sar Motors was able to sustain its business during the period of chaos in the country. Located on the road side in remera town 1km away from the Kigali international airport , SAR motors has brand new travel cars sold below 1000USD.

Sar Motors employs many local Rwandans and ensures that they are trained in new technologies such as computers, International Marketing and accountancy styles.


For comfort and affordable strong and reliable vehicles Rwanda has the official representative and distributor of Mercedes (vehicles, trucks, and buses), Nissan and ENOC brands in Rwanda.

ATC Rwanda is located in Kigali,kicukiro district, industrial park . The company has got a big showroom from which clients can choose the best car to comfort their needs; it has also two vehicle repair workshops and warehouses.

Speaking to sergent Innocent Ruzibiza a traffic police man at Rwandex  in Kigali city said that drivers and car owners are free to drive in the whole country as longer as they posses vehicle insurance permits, a driving licence provided legally and technical control licences provided by the national traffic police.

Whether one is importing a new or used car through the Mombasa Port or Dar es Salaam port to Rwanda should focus not on the price but the quality of the car they wish to buy together with the service history of the car in question and having the right hand side drive as required in Rwanda.

Once the customer has identified the car they want to buy from a dealer’s website whether in Japan, china or UK it is simple in Rwanda as the customer is required to send money into the dealers account by electronic transfer or any other arrangement. This may take up to 5 days before the transfer is complete according to Eric Ndahiro who owns an imported online HAVAL from UK.

As long as one possesses all required documents for car ownership clearing at Rwanda revenue authority takes between 3-4 days and once the number plate is issued the owner is ready to drive freely in the country of a thousand hills.

Other used and brand new car dealers in Rwanda includes GORILLA MOTORS, and VICTORIA motors all located on the roadside near Rwandex at Gikondo expo grounds road.  Ends.



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