Rwanda | Huye: Huye road to be reconstructed

Residents in Huye district have recently cleared the road that leads to Huye district network system for telephones and transmission of the Television and radio waves.

Rwanda | Huye Huye road to be

This road had been built well but was destroyed by flooding as the trenches nearby are no longer able to hold water.

After the community work, the executive secretary of Karama sector thanked those who participated and told them that they should think about rebuilding it and make it safe for people to pass in it.

He also told them that when this road is rebuilt, they should always clear the trenches so as not to over flood and destroy the road again.

The secretary for transport in the Ministry of Infrastructure Mr. Alexis Nzahabananimana who had attended this community work said, “we will do whatever it takes to rebuild this road because the infrastructure in this place is very important like the antennas.   This road will also help the residents to trade their products with other areas and be able to visit others using this road.”

Mr. Nzahabananimana asked people to work together and rebuild this road but the time for rebuilding was not mentioned because it was not in the action plan of the district.



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