Rwanda : Hundreds of Rwandans seat for driving permit


About 6547 people in 18 sites in the whole country sat for examinations to get driving permits on this Tuesday the 17th. April.2012.

They thanked for the way they did the exam in tranquility and calmness they showed during this examination and they registered within-registration program as the Rwanda National Police (RNP) announced.

According to Idrissa Gashirabake who sat for this examination said that the situation was calm and this was due to the arrangement of the police.

Paul Butera who was in charge of Remera site said that the way of registering on the internet and through the telephones made it easier for people who want to do driving tests and getting their results.

CSP Celestin Twahirwa who is in charge of traffic police said that though there is no longer chaos on the day of these examinations, there is still a problem of many people delaying to pay, delaying to come for examinations and sitting for examinations in the rain.

« we discussed on the way these examinations will be conducted, people are now pleased with the services we offer but we still have some problems we have to solve so as to give them better services” he said.






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