Rwanda : Signposts along Muhanga-Ngororero road face destruction

The sign posts meant for helping all the road users especially cyclists, pedestrians and drivers along Muhanga-Ngororero are being misused by some people. 

Rwanda Signposts along Muhanga

Most of the signposts along this road are spoilt whereas some are cut intentionally and taken. Some of the people we managed to talk to in Mushishiro sector in Ngororero district said that people remove these sign posts with the intention of decorating their houses.

Other people being accused of destroying these sign posts are the people who deal in scrap of metallic materials and those who make metallic charcoal stoves. That those who deal in metallic scraps take advantage of not being a responsible body to ask them where they get the metallic scraps which they export to Uganda for sell.

A resident of  Kwityazo trading centre said, “There is no one else who could be in need of metallic materials other than those who make metallic charcoal stoves and those who export them to Uganda for sell since there is no one to investigate where they get those metallic materials”, he remarked.

Another cause that spoils the sign posts are the people who misuse them by leaning heavy luggages on them and others hang on beam balances when weighing crops bought from farmers alongside the roads.

The habit of stealing those signposts started last year and there is no one who have been caught and punished to portray an example to others but the lower level authorities says that security is going to be beefed so that state property is not destroyed any more.


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