Rwanda | Passengers decry of un stable prices to the southern.

Passengers touring to the southern province of Rwanda by commuter taxis have reported to be charged higher transport fares exceeding fares set by Rwanda utilities regulatory agency, RURA.

Rwanda utilities regulatory agency charged with regulating public utilities set prices to be 900rfw for passengers traveling from Kigali to muhanga.

However passengers have raised complaints saying that commuter conductors charge different prices from the prices fixed by law.

Rodrigues muvara is a business man in ruyenzi town traveling by commuters on a daily basis, according to him changing prices are said to have raised chaos between passengers and conductors.

“most of the people are aware of prices set by RURA , I have observed quarrels and even fights between conductors and passengers due to un conditional fares charged by tax drivers , they change every day.” Said muvara.

Tax drivers say that such instances occur especially when passengers have increased, “when commuters are not in abundance, the ones operating increase prices to those who need to travel but we don’t force them.” Explained driver.

Roadside dwellers said that they observe daily misunderstandings and chaos at stopovers resulting from tax fare haggling between commuter drivers and passengers.

In a bid to solicit the issue, passengers have appealed to Rwanda utilities regulatory agency to device the problem asking for fixed prices at every known bus stage.



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