Rwanda | Kayonza: Billboards a threat to life

Billboards a threat

On March 18th 2012, a big bill board in Kayonza town fell down though it was fortunate that it did not land on a person or vehicle.

Claude Ndayisenga, who saw the billboard falling narrates that some people were seated under it but it collapsed after five minutes of their departure.

Apart from people that were under it, there is a petrol station next to it that it would have fallen on but it went to the other side.

Residents that carry out businesses in Kayonza town request that the local leadership should see to it that those who put up the billboards also follow up on their steadiness in order to prevent such accidents.

“If it had fallen on the petrol station, three vehicles that were parked there would have been destroyed,” says one business man

Kayonza district administration says it will be carrying out inspection to see if billboards even in other places of Kayonza are not old to fall down unexpectedly and cause an accident.

Before putting up a billboard, a deep hole is dug and filled with beton which holds the nails that attach the stand to the beton. It is evident that a strong wind blew down this billboard because the nails were out.


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