Rwanda | Karongi:Impala Express exemplary transport company

School children in various Primary schools of Kibuye town have gratefully acknowledged unique services that Impala express offer to them, being the most favourite coaster for the young scholars.


Rwanda Children boarding one of Impala express coasters

Photo: Children boarding one of Impala express coasters

The reason for this is that after transporting passengers during the day, they prepare to go for the car wash where Drivers take children from Kibuye primary schools that go through the route for free up to Kinamba area.

These children have got used to the system to an extent that after school they enter the Impala coaster that leaves at 5:00 pm. The driver after clearing what he has to do at Impala express offices, he sets off with the children.

Children say that though the coaster stops at Kinamba (car wash), it’s better because those who go beyond that place pay half way to their homes.

This act is good as it cannot be done by everyone and it should be an example to everyone because whoever helps a child is preparing for tomorrows Rwanda.

Children imitate what their elders do, so this good example teaches them to grow up with the culture of love and helping each other.


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