Rwanda | Kamonyi: Taxi motorist operators ordered to use smart head covers

Taxi Motorists are urged to use head covers ‘Utunozasuku’ put on before wearing a helmet and that whoever ignores to give to a passenger will be charged with a fine of Rwf10, 000.

These were said while in a meeting that was held recently march2012 that had joined taxi motorists operating in Musambira zone together with the police operatives.

Rwanda Kamonyi Taxi motorist operators

Smart head covers (Akanozasuku) is a requirement to fulfill the health standards on the passengers who wear helmets while using taxi motors but the taxi motor operators have a worry that unless they increase on the transport fare they will be affected by losses.

The operators of taxi motor are worried that people might refuse to pay an extra charge for these smart head covers as it was said by the police officials that the expenses faced when buying the smart head cover should be charged on to the passengers transport fares.

Motor taxi operators were reminded that the smart head covers were implemented in a move to prevent disease that might arise as a result of various passengers using one same helmet. The police chief of Musambira zone said that whoever is caught with a passenger who is not putting on a smart head cover will face the consequences.

The taxi motor operators are worried about the added expenses of buying those smart head covers as certain passengers would not accept to pay the added charges of it yet they are the ones fined when caught with a passenger who is not putting it on. One motor taxi operator said, “We as motor taxi operators are not happy about the idea because we shall incur more expenses but if we all agree as taxi motor operators we can raise on the transport fares as even we were charging less”.

However much the police officials said that passengers will be the ones to pay for smart head covers, the motor taxi operators find it not realistic as it might cause friction between them and their customers. The chair person of motor taxi operators at the parking yard of Musambira Pierre Celestin Ntirenganya said that they will soon hold a meeting to discuss on how they can raise on the transport fares to cover the expenses.

Each smart head cover will be charged at Rwf50 and it is an order for all taxi motor passengers to use them. Punishing motor taxi operators who will be caught with passengers not putting on smart head covers will be effective starting from this March 2012.  


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