Rwanda :Gisenyi roads in an alarming state

Residents of Gisenyi are not impressed with the poor state of roads following several promises of repairing that end in vain.


Gisenyi the town of Rubavu district have a poor road network compared to its town status as the town keeps developing day by day.


Rwanda Gisenyi roads

The town has one tarmac road that joins it but when you enter inside its suburbs there are only rough roads full of potholes and dust. People residing in the town say they are tired of empty promises about repairing these roads.


The mayor of Rubavu district Sheikh Hassan Bahame is assuring people that together with their partners in development, they will be able to work on most of the roads before the end of 2012.


He continued to say that other than the roads that are being paved, there are other roads which are being worked on by the people neighbouring them as the district authorities will facilitate them to construct water ways.


One resident of Gisenyi town remarked that the roads of Gisenyi town had started being tarmac in 2011 and that is when aspects of development had started surfacing in Gisenyi town whereby houses were constructed, hygiene improved but the roads that were worked on are very few.


The roads in Gisenyi town that are in every sorry state and need to be worked on urgently include the roads that come from the hospital connecting to the airport and one from the National bank of Rwanda to the police station.


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