Rwanda : Business operators blame transport agencies over few customers at night

Business operators still finds it hard to operate 24 hours in Kigali city center because of few customers at night.

Although the government allowed people to work for 24 hours but almost all shops are closed at 10:00pm night due to lack of customers.

Gatuna international boarder operates 24 hours to increase the flow of goods and services in the country making it easier for the business transactions. However the business practitioners claim that at night, the internet connection is always slow at the customs which delays the clearance process.

Despite the government granting business practitioners to work 24 hours, few people are seen around the city center and most of the foreign owned business seems to be opening in late night like Nakumatt, Mr. Price super markets and few bars.

“Some of us leave on the outskirts of Kigali, we can barely find means home if we don’t keep time, bus drivers are laid back and they mind less about the 24-7 routine,” Paul Musabyimana,a mobile phone sales man.

According to people around Kigali city and some of shop owners around the city complains about the poor transport means, even the so called Kigali Bus Services (KBC) when it reaches at 8:00pm the drivers packs the buses, living people stranded in town.

Business owners believe that if there were buses working day and night the customers would be available even at night because most of the clients, that’s when they save time for shopping.

In countries like Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, the only thing that enables business people to work trans night, is the availability of transport means at any given time which is not the case here in Rwanda yet the government promotes it.

Rwamucyo, who works for MTN call center says “Sometimes, I leave work at around 1:00pm when I want to buy like pain killers or fast food but no restaurant is opening at that time. I do not see any reason at all for pharmacies and restaurants to close as early as 10:00pm because I believe most of people are still at work like in the hotels and call centers works”




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