Rwanda | Burera: People request for traffic police on Kidaho-Butaro road

People who use the road from Kidaho to Butaro are requesting the authorities of Burera district to deploy traffic police on that road if maximum security is to prevail.

One of the road users who denied disclosing his names for various reasons says the road should have traffic police on it all the time because of its many corners yet other road users are always over speeding which might cause accidents.

There are homes next to the road whereby people from those homes might get knocked by the over speeding vehicles on that road.

“There is a nursery school next to the road so deploying traffic police on the road would minimize on the over speeding cars which might one time knock down the nursery children when going to or coming from school”, he remarks.

The road from Kidaho-Butaro is not tarmac. It connects from the tarmac road that comes from Ruhengeri town heading to the border post of Cyanika connecting Rwanda and Uganda.

The road Kidaho-Butaro is used by vehicles heading to Butaro trading centre and ones heading to Butaro hospital. People neighboring the road say the road is mostly used by vehicles carrying smuggled goods, illegal drugs and over loaded vehicles since there are no traffic officers on it.

People say if traffic police could be deployed on the road permanently may be it would reduce on the amount of drugs smuggled from Uganda in to the country.

The mayor of Burera district Samuel Sembagare said the road will be tarmac in April this year and after they will talk with police officials to ensure there is tight security of traffic police offices on that very road day and night.


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