Rwanda | Bugesera: A bicycle is a must come with for every bride

A lady riding a bicycle with a baby at her back

A lady riding a bicycle with a baby at her back

Bugesera district contrary to the other Rwandan districts which are mainly hilly leading to the name of a land of a thousand hills, this Eastern part is flat with short gentle sloping hills. Its flat ness harbors use of bicycles as the common mode of transport. Cycling in Bugesera cuts across all generations from teenagers to elders in their 70s, they all ride bicycles as a major mode of transport.

According to the Rwandan culture, a bride is supposed to escort herself with a number of households called “Amajyambere”. Cooking utensils, bedroom materials and washing materials are the common “Amajyambere” usually these households are seen being carried by brides, but in Bugesera, a bicycle is must to be “married with”.

Daphrose Mukamana- a resident of Ramiro in Gashora Sector says that a bicycle plays an important role in their domestic life.

“We use bicycles to fetch water, visit friends, attend to markets, collect harvest and carry our kids.” says Mukamana

“Early in the morning, I carry my wife towards the farm to do some land tilling. Late in the afternoon, I ride her back home, as she ignites the stoves, I ride it with two empty jerry-cans to fetch water from a 6KM well, as I return home, she also rides it to pick children from school as I do the cleaning.” Narrates Kanyandekwe Jonas, a bicycle owner in Bugesera



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