Touring East Africa by road is now cheap and simple

Many business men and women in Rwanda were used to only three bus companies travelling to Uganda via Burundi and Kenya. But this time, they are able to explore business opportunities in Tanzania.


Several Bus companieshave opened routes heading to Tanzania via Rusumoborder in the Eastern Province of Rwanda.

Speaking to Patrick Mwauwa, an employee of TAQUA Bus Company, he said that many people travelling to Mwanza, Dodoma, Shinyanga and Tanzania’s capital Dar es Salaamhave begun turning up for tickets in order to maximize the opportunity.

He said that the bus has started transporting tourists who have been using air transport to Tanzania. In the near future, the company will open routes to Malawi and Zambia via Tanzania.

At Nyabugogo national taxipark,one identifies different bus companies and their destinations such as the common bus company known as Jaguar which travels to Uganda,Burundi and Rwanda respectively.

Due to a conducive transport environment in Rwanda, the bus has attracted more companies such as Gaga and Akamba which alsotransport people from Rwanda to Uganda and Kenya.

Recently another new bus company which belongs to a Rwandan nationality opened routes to Uganda. The bus is called Bahama blessings facing stiffcompetition from Onatracom Express which belongs to Rwanda’s Public TransportCompnay, ONATRACOM.

As theexploration of East Africa by road transport becomes cheaper and easier, Horizon bus service has chosen another alternative of connecting East Africa to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

This is a great opportunity for Rwandan business men and women to compete with their counterparts in other East African countries.



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