Rwanda | Ngoma parking lot should be well renovated.


Ngoma parking

Motorists and other users of Ngoma parking yard have raised complaints over the standards of the renovation works being carried out

The renovation activities for Ngoma parking lot started this February 10 as a way of working on the potholes and open sewage systems in the yard.

Complainants say that the works are temporary and fear that this won’t last long.

Munyakamwe, a tickets vendor for passengers in this park said; “what they’re doing won’t last long. It necessitates for the park to be renovated well or rebuild since we pay taxes for the well keeping of the park.”

The Mayor of Ngoma district Francois Niyotwagira, said that the park is being built according to the contract signed with Alpha Construction company- which has been contracted to renovate the park.

“Any change would mean changing the contract which is not possible at the moment” the Mayor said.

The park was opened on the 24th.May.2010 and has been destroyed with time, thus calling for a need to be renovated.

The construction company is supposed to be paid Rwf63 millions and only Rwf2million francs is unpaid.

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