Rwanda | Gakenke: Passengers worried of taxi Park Security

Pedestrians and Passengers in Gakenke Taxi Park complain of security due to its position at the main road with too many vehicles and movement of crowded people which tends to result into robbery and accidents.

Gakenke Passengers

Gakenke road Taxi Park

During a conversation the reporter had with passengers waiting for taxi this February 2012, passengers said that taxi park being near the road attract many risks of having accidents due to many people and vehicles.

Laurien Habineza, a regular passenger at the area adds that waiting near the road where some times taxi brokers fight for passengers might cause an accident to the passengers waiting for transport services.

Gakenke Taxi Park that is managed by ATRACO was given land two years ago by Gakenke district in Northern Province but no reasons are yet known for why the taxi park has not been built.

Bosco Gacamumakuba, taxi park manager did not disclose the real time when construction shall begin but says it will be built after the completion of Musanze Taxi Park.

Passengers that use gakenke Taxi Park request that taxi park building be started so that they become sure of security.


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