Police administration rebukes Motor learners

Driving learners have been warned to avoid presenting fee receipts as driving license as the Police administration in Burera district advises them to abandon the habit.

This was said following complains of several arrests by one motorcyclist called Emmanuel Kamali who works at Kirambo centre parking near Rusarabuye sector in Burera district.

“We are disturbed and arrested many times by the police when we present our permit confirmation papers before real while waiting for license”.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police in Burera district DPC Bertin Rutsindura says: “The paper does not replace a driving permit, so people should not use them that is why we arrest motorcyclists and vehicle drivers of that nature because they do not have real permit” adds Bertin.

He adds that fining such people is not a bad act but its helping them do things right. “When you get an accident while you only have a permit confirmation paper, you handle it yourself”.

He advised people who thought of driving without driving licenses to be patient until they are lawfully permitted.



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