Muhanga: Officials deny alleged corruption over road construction projects

Muhanga district officials have denied accusations that some roads construction projects were interrupted because the district has ran out funds, while others denounce corruption practices.


Photo: interrupted road construction

Although some residents of Muhanga district are skeptical about what caused discontinuation of road construction projects in some places, others have denounced treachery among some district officials who allegedly embezzled road construction project funds.

The allegations are based on another case in the same district where some employees allegedly took advantage of land disputes and asked bribery from people in order to help them obtain land titles.

Addressing the issue in response to the allegations, the district Vice Mayor for economic and finance Francois Uhagaze blamed the ignorance of people, noting that the construction had not stopped but delayed by sluggishness of the entrepreneur.

“It came to our attention that the entrepreneur had signed another contract somewhere else before finishing our project. We have therefore decided to take necessary measures against this individual following a recent warning letter to him”. The vice mayor stated. He added that after taking a legal action against the entrepreneur, the district will withdraw the contract. “However the financial status of the district is currently well apart from some difficulties in the past.” The vice mayor concluded.


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