Misunderstanding in automobile schools cause havoc

Automobile learners who are pursuing driving licenses  have complained on their missing names during examinations, an indication that school owners who claim to have registered them have told lies as became evident this February 2012 during driving examinations in Nyamagabe district.


The driving exam has just began

Learners claim that when others find names on the police list for exams, some of them miss, though have paid the fee to schools and required amount to Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA)

Alphonse Nzeyimana is one of many people who missed on the list yet had prepared to do the exam. He registered himself in United Driving School Limited that works in Nyamagabe district. He was told that he was registered and paid at RRA but he was surprised when he found his name missing on the list for those who were meant to do the exam.


Francois Habimana, the head of the United Driving School Limited in Nyamagabe district said “The problem is not due to us because the process of registering using the mobile telephone is too hectic now I have about 300 students and registering them through the mobile telephone is not easy and sometimes a person might be skipped without intending to do so.”

The driving examination was meant to start by 10am but due to misunderstandings and confusion between students and their teachers, they started by 13hours.




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