Huye road workers demand payment

Huye road workers

Some employees of Horizon Construction Company have raised complaints over delay in payment of their wages of which some have spent three months without receiving a dime from the company.

The day laborers were employed by Horizon Company which has been contracted to construct roads in Ngoma sector, Huye district, in the Southern province of Rwanda.

The complainants said that the delays have affected their livelihood and most of them have to make long distances to get to the work sites.

One worker identified as Reverien, said that the delayed payments have caused problems with his landlord and has been thrown out of the house for not paying rent.

“I came from as far as Kigali to get a job here. We had been promised to get our dues if all goes well but this doesn’t seem to be the case at hand” he

The affected workers pointed fingers to Horizon Construction Company, however, Captain Viateur, an official representing the company, said that the problem is caused by the subcontractor companies who received money from Horizon, but for unknown reasons delay to pay off their workers.

Huye District official Jean Marie Munyaziza, in charge of infrastructure, said the local government wasn’t aware of the problem however measures will be taken to address it as soon as possible.

Munyaziza said; “The district is concerned about this matter and maybe be compelled to deduct these salary arrears from the major contractor so as to resolve the problem”

This issues has affected over 100 day workers, and the biggest arrears goes to over Rwf500.000


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