Sniffer dogs deployed to search for illicit drugs

As part of the ongoing campaign to fight the saturation of illicit drugs into the country, Rwanda national Police have begun using sniffer dogs to search vehicles carrying marijuana. The police operations have been deployed country wide especially on traffic check points.

Sniffer dogs deployedA detection dog or sniffer dog is a dog that is trained to use its senses (almost always the sense of smell) to detect substances such as explosives, illegal drugs, or blood.

According to Police Constable Manzi Julius working at Giticyinyoni check point, this operation is carried out at check points linking roads that head to neighbouring countries. He said that all vehicles coming from Burundi via Butare and those coming from Ruhengeri must pass at this police check point before entering Kigali city.

Manzi reiterated that the Police have exploited all means to combat drug trafficking in the country adding that dogs are the best weapon for this issue

“Trained dogs cannot mistake or be stopped; they know well all types of drugs and can also sniff drug dealers .we must be near them and when they show signs of something found that’s when we intervened” he said.

Gasimintore, a coaster driver, who witnessed the sniffer dogs search vehicles, swore never to risk crying anyone suspected of having drugs.

“I was tempted by high payment to transport marijuana one time and them someone asked me to transport kanyanga for him as you know they pay us highly. I was caught after they had paid me Rwf 85,000 to transport a very small package. But with the dogs I have seen, I will never dare again,” he said.

Gasimintore added that instead of risking, he will be making sure that every passenger is checked before entering the car.

This police operation is also employed at kayonza Kigali high way at the junction that links kayonza-kagitumba high way and kayonza- rusumo high way. The campaign will go on countrywide until when Rwanda remains at top in discouraging all drug dealers.

According to research, drug abuse has been the main cause of numerous crimes involving the youth.


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