Rulindo: Nizeyimana offering driving lessons

Teaching driving instructions for both vehicles and motorcycle have contributed to employment for youth, improved transport, and reduced fatal accidents in Rulindo district, Northern Province of Rwanda.

This was disclosed by Bosco Nizeyimana, a resident who owns a driving school in Rulindo district.









Nizeyimana says that he has been offering driving lessons to young people from Rulindo, Burera, and Gakenke districts over the past three years, a period that has seen positive social change  among the people. Residents who attend the driving school have praised Nizeyimana for bringing the school close to them. Before,  they used to go all the way to Kigali and Musanze in search of driving schools.

He says that most of the youth had stuck in riding bicycles but they now have motorbike licences which has added a great value to their income. Over the three years, over 200 people have acquired driving licenses especially for the motorbike category after going through Nizeyimana’s driving school.

Besides empowering local residents with driving skills, Nizeyimana’s social life has improved courtesy of his business. He has managed to buy a car and a motobike, and is also constructing a house. Many many people in Rulindo district have engaged in the business of teaching driving instructions after borrowing a leaf from Nizeyimana and this has created jobs to young people in the area who used to be redundant.

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