Ruhango: Passengers and drivers request for Taxi Park

Taxi drivers and passengers in Ruhango district, Southern Province of Rwanda are appealing to concerned authorities to construct a taxi parking yard so as to reduce chaos and jam at their work place.

Vehicles meant for passengers in Ruhango district normally park in the metropolitan center of this town located on the highway Kigali-Butare.

Drivers and passengers in the city believe that working in such chaos retards their business and therefore request authorities to construct an advanced tax park like those found in Kigali and other cities.

“There is no parking arrangement here. Cyclists are mixed with vehicles and motorcycles, the conjestion here is really bad,” One passenger laments.

Authorities of Ruhango district also agree that there is no parking yard for taxis in this town. However the Director of finance and economic planning in Ruhango district Epimaque Twagiramungu explained that a new tax park will be built in few months to come as it is indicated in the city’s master plan.




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