Rubavu to get modern landing site

Rubavu to get modernCOPTLAK, a Rubavu district Cooperative is set to construct a modern landing site on lake Kivu worth 200 million Rwandan francs.

According to the management of the cooperative, it is expected that the landing site will be functional by June this year.

Features to grace the new landing include a passenger shelter,a dock yard for the boats to mention but a few.

The cooperative also plans to buy a bigger boat to increase efficiency in transportation and have already bought a car to transport people between the inland and Lake Kivu.

Members of COPTLAKhowever said that Rwanda Environmental management Authority (REMA) and Rwanda Bureau of Statistics (RBS) are taking long to give them permission to kick-off the construction.

“The two organisations have not responded to us for the last seven months and yet they had promised to get back to us intwo months,” said AboubacarNgendahimana the chairman of the cooperative.


COPTLAK is a 45 member cooperative ten of which are women. It was started in 2006 and so far has six boats which transport people from Rubavu district to Karongi district.

They are planning to expand their transport coverage Rusizi in the near future.

Water transport is the cheapest means of transport in Rubavu district with half price charges less than those of Taxis.



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