Pineapple growers facing transport problem

Lack of reliable transport and accessibility to Kabarondo market in the Eastern Province of Rwanda has led to lack of market of the booming yields of pineapples in the region.







Gahara sector is one of the sectors with a very poor road network due to its topography. This makes it difficult for vehicles like taxis to reach there. However the sector is known for producing many yields of pineapples with no market.

Poor road network causes this sector to be isolated with no means of transport. Before the public transport agency commonly known as ONATRACOM stopped its vehicles from operating there following several accidents that claimed lives of passengers, residents would use them to transport their surplus to different markets.

Traders in this region are appealing to the government and transport agencies to re-habilitate the roads and open routes to the area in a bid to rescue their declining business.

One of the business people says; “It affects us because we used to go shopping twice a week but now it’s once while even those dealing in pineapples don’t have how to transport them to the market yet these are perishable products”.

ONATRACOM a national public transport company is said to be in a loss of over four million Rwandan francs. Lt Col Deni Basabose the head of this company said that out of 184 vehicles that this company has, only 70 are functioning thus ONATRACOM is operating in 54 routes instead of 110.



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