Nyamasheke: Authorities strive to solve road issues

During the districts advisory committee meeting that convened on 27th December 2011, participants from different sectors raised the issue of ravaged roads which hinder transport especially during the rainy season.

Following a research conducted by Nyamasheke district, it was discovered that updated roads that can be used at any time are still insufficient.

According to Nyamasheke district Mayor Habyarimana Jean Baptiste, the topography of the district and heavy seasonal rains are the main cause of road destruction.

”We are dealing with the issue of road maintenance, our district’s nature of landscape and torrential rains are the main dangers against roads,” said Habyarimana.

Habyarimana urged citizens to be care takers of roads for their own benefit asking them to borrow man power from inmates serving their part of sentence in developmental activities, TIG and also work on roads during the monthly week community work, Umuganda.

The President of the district advisory council Musabyimana noted that public infrastructures are much invested in and hence need much attention in terms of maintenance.



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