Nyabihu: District starts issuing travel documents


Traveling is a human right that is not supposed to be infringed; it is for this reason that Nyabihu district authorities in the Western Province have made it easy for people to acquire travel documents.

Many Rwandans have relatives in the neighbouring countries while others travel to business which is why there is need to ease the process so that they can enjoy the right to travel every time they want to.

According to the district Mayor Abdulatif Twahirwa the new arrangement to ease the process began with effect from January 2012.

Normally people had to go to the Province or to the Kigali based immigration head offices to acquire such documents. But the office gave permission all districts to start issuing the documents.

The first resident to benefit from the program was Habamungu Gashumba just immediately after the proposal was seconded and approved by the immigration authorities.



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