Kayonza: Japan ready to establish roadside station

The Japanese Ambassador to Rwanda, Kunio Hatanaka, held talks with local                  residents of MuKarange Sector and community leaders of Kayonza District to discuss modalities of establishing a roadside station.


Kayonza district, Eastern Province of Rwanda emerged as the favourite in the country for the construction of the site following its location and nature of land.

The road side estate which is meant for travellers, guests and any other person on journey who fills to rest will be built at the roadside highway in Mukarange sector.

The roadside estate to be located in Mukarange Sector will be sponsored by the Embassy of Japan in collaboration with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

Ambassador Kunio Hatanaka said that the facility was in line with the set local socio-economic development.

“Kayonza District was given the first priority in the country because of its strategic location. It also connects Tanzania and Uganda,” he said.

He noted that the issue of roadside hawking would also end, since there would be enough space for business activities and exhibitions.

“There will be enough parking area, toilets, rest and refresh space, venue for local events, showroom and much more. In Japan, the facilities are free, but here, you will need to make some money to sustain them”. Said hatanaka.

He added that the business community and leaders should be able to own the station.

Damascene Gakuba, the Chairman of Private Sector Federation in Kayonza District, said the construction of the station was timely.

“We shall do all with what we have to support the project…Kayonza has a large traffic volume that is aggravated by trailers from Dar-es-salaam and Mombasa ports. Enough parking space and exhibition room will bring in a lot of money,” he said.

The Governor of the Eastern Province, Odette Uwamariya, assured the Japanese of maximum cooperation saying that the government of Rwanda will avail enough land for possible future expansion of the site.

It was revealed that Rwanda Transport Development Agency (RTDA) will be responsible to carry out the technical works.


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