Government provides vehicles to local leaders

Executive Secretaries of Sectors across the country were given vehicles worth 8 million Rwandan francs each to facilitate their duties.

The officials have, since 2006, been using motorcycles as their means of transport to carry out their daily activities.

Government provides vehiclesThe Minister of Local Government, James Musoni, Sunday handed over the first fleet of 292 vehicles to Executive Secretaries of Sectors saying that the government acknowledges their role towards nation building.

The government spent Rwf 8 million on each vehicle. The Executive Secretaries will repay for the vehicles in monthly instalments for a period of five years.

The first fleet that the minister unveiled is composed of 159 vehicles while the second and final one is expected to arrive this week.

The local officials’ cars, most of which are the ‘Great Wall Haval H5” type from China, were exempted from all taxes and beneficiaries are expected to pay Rwf 242, 000 monthly.

Handing over the cars to the local leaders, Musoni, pointed out that in 2006, Executives Secretaries were offered motorcycles because the government could not afford vehicles.

“Your performance was very impressive when we gave you the motorcycles, now that the economy has grown, we are giving you vehicles but we also expect your delivery to increase,” he said.

He added that Rwanda is blessed to have local leaders who are committed to serving the public, which is why the government is proud to assist them execute your duties effectively.

“The Executive Secretary of Rwezamenyo Sector in Nyarugenge District, Alex Semitali, expressed his excitement over the brand new cars, but requested the government to review the lamp-sum given to them so that they could afford to maintain the cars.

The State Minister for Transport, Dr Alexis Nzahabwanimana, said the government recognises the value of local leaders hence his office’s pledge to support them in all ways, including looking into their demands.


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