Floods disrupt transport in the Eastern province of Rwanda

Heavy rain that poured in districts of Rwamagana and Ngoma, Eastern province of Rwanda overflowed Gisaya Bridge which connects the two districts disrupting movement in the area.

The two districts are well known for booming agriculture and being the main suppliers of banana yields in Kigali city. Nyamutega Emmanuel the Executive Secretary of Karembo sector said that the floods lasted about a week, paralyzing business in sectors of Karembo and Zaza.

Nyamutega said; “Markets are not doing well because Rwamagana is far from us and vehicles can’t move over because of the floods. Our markets are usually attended by traders from Rwamagana and Kigali and we could also go there and buy some goods. This is a serious problem.”

However, district authorities have allocated local boats which are helping pedestrians and traders to transverse the bridge and residents through community working (umuganda) are working on the bridge to clear water passages and the problem has reduced compared to the past days.

The floods are thought to have originated from lake Sake or Mugesera Lake which might have developed distributaries that are flowing towards the area.




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