In the express vehicles that travel between Rusizi and Kigali, a person is given a seat number when one buys a ticket. This reduced the chaos that was always there fighting for comfortable seats because of the long journey.

Alphonsine Niyoyita is a worker in Impala travel agency; she says that giving numbers helps organize passengers. She said that before this people would fight to sit in certain seats in the vehicle which they thought were comfortable.

Mahirwe Paul is one of the people who travel Rusizi to Kigali frequently, he says that this way of giving numbers is good since it reduces the chaos and the one who wants comfortable place comes to buy the ticket early. He says that there are seats that he can’t sit in and when he finds they are the only one available he changes time and comes in the next vehicle.

All travel agencies like Impala, Omega Car Express and Sotra Tours give numbers of the seat on the ticket except for Onatracom where first come first served still applies.


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