Rwanda has decided to invest in air travel.

The secretary general in charge of transportation in ministry of infrastructure (MINFRA), Dr. Alexis Nzahabwanayo said that Rwandan government has decided to promote air transport.

While officially opening a two days meeting on air transport and security in airplanes, Dr.Nzahabwanayo said; «the government has decided to promote air transport and will continuously work with its partners to promote its working conditions».

This meeting that is taking place in Kigali started on Monday 31st oct.2011 and was attended by 30 people who work in air transportation in Rwanda. It was prepared by Africa-Indian Ocean traffic forecasting group (ICAO-AFI) in association with Rwandan government.

Dr. Nzahabwanayo said that air transportation is essential to a country like Rwanda that is landlocked. He reminded people that Rwanda is a country that is visited by many tourists and tourism improves the economy of the country. Up to now, 90% of tourists that come to Rwanda use air transport.

In Rwanda, there are many companies that are engaged in air transportation like RwandAir, KLM and Brussels Airlines. By the end of this august, for the first time in Africa, RwandAir brought one of the best airplanes Boeing 737-800.



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