Road to the North: Concrete pipes replace the old metal pipes

Gitikinyoni-Base under road old pipes that channel water are being replaced by strong ones made of metal bars built within concrete (beton) which can last for 50 years. Iyakaremye Antoine, an employee in Chico China Henan association that is constructing those pipes says old pipes have not been channeling water well hence water destroying people’s crops and the road itself.

Other pipes needed repair because vehicles passing on northern road are many since the number of people going to the north is increasing especially vehicles carrying tourists to Birunga National Park.


The construction of the pipes has created jobs for the residents as said by the contractors that a single pipe can employ 40 people day.

Isanwa ry’ibiraro n’umuhanda Gitikinyoni – Base rifitiye akamaro abaturage kuko babona akazi mu mirimo y’ubwatsi ihakorerwa. Abakoresha imirimo y’ubwubatsi bavuga ko ikiraro kimwe gishobora gutanga akazi ku baturage barenga 40 buri munsi.


Jean Noel Mugabo

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