Nyaruguru : Residents near Mata Tea Factory Beg to be Remembered

Residents from cells that neighbour with the Tea Factory in Mata Nyaruguru District say that for years now they dont have a marram road; they walk for over 25kilometres to access markets in Butare town.

The residents blame it on their Local Leaders as its put by Mbanziriza who says that: “Its too much, eversince i started living here other areas have been developed but our local leaders neglect us especially Ramba and Mbasa cells“.

Masharubu,a business man in Mbasa cell in Kibeho sector explains that due to long distances and lack of vehicles to their area, some items are destroyed by sunshine or rain on the way from Butare shopping centres to Mbasa.

Janvier Talika,70year old mbasa cell resident  confirms  that youth in the area work hard but are slowly getting discouraged because they have no market for the harvests and that the produce is big for consumption only.

Business in this area collapses after a few days of operating.

Niyitegeka Fabien,Assistant to the district Accountant Nyaruguru denies what the residents say about leaders neglecting the area.He said there is a plan to look for investors but if not possible,  it will be planned for in the next Financial Year or it will be constructed in VUP (Vision Umurenge Program).

Gerard GITOLI Mbabazi

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