I take a motor!

Quite often you listen to people living in Kigali mention the sentence “I will take a motor”. Taxi Motorbikes are one of the major transport means in Kigali city and contribute a lot to Kigali’s public transport since you will see a motorbike at least every 5 seconds if standing by any Kigali street.

Kigali city being a town situated mainly on hills, of course people reside on top of the hills too, other transport means seem not so much convenient and affordable. For example a motorbike costs around 1000Rfrs from Kigali city center toRebero hill, of which a cab costs around 7000Rfrs for the similar distance.

Thus Motor cyclists are found all over the town, smart and organized wearing helmets and one other helmet hanging over the motor’s speed meter. Thank God, the traffic policemen are equally scattered all over to make sure every road user maintains the 40 Km/h speed limits, otherwise the young energetic motorcyclists would unknowingly over speed due to the passenger’s helmet on top of the speed meter.

“Take this bag to Kicukiro next to Kobil petrol station and call 0788…..to come and pick it” is all you need to direct a Kigali motor cyclist and within minutes your luggage will be safely delivered.

Whereas ASSETEMORWA&ATAMIMORWA (Kigali Motorcyclists associations) will paint identity and telephone numbers on both the cyclist’s helmet and uniform, you do not need to bother writing down the identity because the several people I talked to tried assured me of safe delivery.

To dig deeper into how a person earning less than 20dollars a day wouldn’t dare cheat from an anonymous passenger, I found out that the Motorcyclists’ associations continuously patrol their members’ actions from over speeding to their customer care relations. These associations also provide financial assistance and customer care trainings to their members.

A Kigali motor will quickly maneuver you through that traffic jam if you are late for appointments just like how it will guide you reach your destination in case you are new to the area.


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