3,000,000 Passengers Expected Annually after Bugesera International Airport’s completion

Just like President Barack Obama once said during his acceptance speech; “The road ahead will be too long, our climb will be steep, we may not get there in one year but tonight I have never been more hopefully than I am tonight, we will get there” ,

Likewise with the continued increase of air traffic flow by KLM, Ethiopian Airways, Rwanda air and SN Brussels, there is no doubt that Rwandans too will get there.

Rwanda government is currently undertaking a project of constructing another International airport 25Km from Kigali town to supplement the already over stretched Kigali International Airport. Due to the recent drastic increase in air traffic due to both tourism and increased economic activity making the existing airport over stretched without even having enough expansion area due its neighboring urban center, the Bugesera project is worth investing.

A mega complex international airport is coming up in Bugesera at an approximately 25 sq Km piece of land.The new site is also adequate for two runways to match the capacity of the largest world airports. Construction of New Bugesera Airport detailed design and construction commenced in 2008 and is expected to be completed around the year 2016.To try and discuss which impact such a project has on an Rwandans is an exhaustible discussion because economic development will no doubt boom from all angles, but below is just a few of what one can expect out of it,

Job opportunites

A number of skilled, semiskilled and unskilled Rwandans will earn money for labor provision from day one of its construction till forever. Construction definitely requires labor facilities and even after completion, more service provision will be needed at the airport.

Increased service provision firms

With the targeted number of 3 million passengers annually, as a must hotels, banks and more other service provision firms will have to be established both in Bugesera and Kigali. All this tantamount to increased revenues for the local population.

More Air travel companies

Some air traffic companies might have been reluctant to make stop overs in Rwanda due to our current International Airport incapacity. With completion of Busegera airport more air traffic companies are expected to join the wagon.

Increased tourism revenue

More tourists are no doubt expected to visit Rwanda, given the state of the art airport that will harbor landing of large airplanes. A quick reflection of how tourism has greatly developed Rwanda in particular Musanze district, says it all of what to expect of the Bugesera airport project.

Regional business center

Bugesera International Airport is expected to accommodate large cargo planes that will both import and export products in and out of Rwanda respectively. This means, a boom in the business environment since a variety of products at reasonably cheaper prices due to benefits of economies of scale are to surge in.

Much more benefits are expected after the completion of the Bugesera International Airport, since like Steve Jobs once said, you can only join dots lookingbackwards not forwards, so let us keep our fingers crossed for this fantastic project going on.




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