3 Questions about the Rwandan Petrol Stations

 Travelling along the elegant streets of Kigali you see disco lights at both the road’s center and sides illustrating the road’s extremes, and after every few kilometers a modern artistic petrol station appears. Well, it is said that to put up a petrol station in Kigali, series of architectural fulfillments must be met with Kigali City Council which truly justifies the modernity of all the petrol stations. However it does not stop at that, there are more other notions about Kigali’s petrol stations that one questions their existence;

Stable prices

Despite the recent trembling oil prices due to Arab revolutions, which led to hiking of both petrol and diesel prices in most of the African countries, one needs to understand how Rwanda maintains its fuel at stable prices. The 1000Rfrs for premium and petrol, pictured above might last till rust grows on the metal slots for changing the price’s figures on that billboard. Rwanda being landlocked, a question of how the prices are maintained is of concern;

Trust worthy services

Petrol station attendees are usually less ethical mainly due to their purportedly low pay and low levels of education. As a result, in many other countries, they tend to engage in bad behaviors like mixing petrol and paraffin or pumping less fuel than your actual purchase. Definitely, this article is not meant to teach them on how to learn such bad behaviors but instead needs peoples’ opinion on how this is done, such that whoever is need of picking leaf for his home country gets it because Rwandan Petrol Station are too trust worthy, bravo for that.

Failure to offer after sale services

Stopping by any Petrol station in kampala or Nairobi, before you ask for refueling, your car’s windscreen will have been wiped and Engine air washed free of charge, however irrespective of the trustworthy and stable prices offered by Rwanda petrol stations, such after sale services are un heard of. Why aren’t such after sale services offered here in Rwanda?

Neither the above 3 questions qualify for all that one would wish to understand about the Rwandan petrol stations, nor does this article intend to criticize but it is meant to ask for your opinions about the above.


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