Its 6am, the Alarm rings, it is time to wake up and travel to the office or to an upcountry working site. Feeling as though sleep won’t get finished, you press snooze on your alarm and pull the blanket over again. Damn, it is now 6:30am and you are left with less than 30 minutes to prepare and reach your working destination. Such, is a hard to do away with habit as sometimes you unknowingly sleep late or after an exhausting work, but with the Kigali bus, you do not need to worry. Whether you sleep in Musanze and work in Kigali, you will get the best transport services ever.

Whereas back in the days travelling by bus meant semi suffocation, long hours of standing in corridors or sitting on each other’s laps, we wrongly tend to stick current bus transportation with the old. The story has completely changed, below are some of the irrefutable reasons as to why the Kigali bus is the best and compelling enough for a Landcruiser owner to also try and test it.

  1. 1.      Punctual

There are 19 travel agencies with 620 buses that travel to upcountry districts every 15 minutes all day and whether they have one passenger aboard or not, when the 15minutes elapses it leaves the station. On the other hand, If you are to travel around town, there is a number of circulating town service Matatus and Coasters that only delay to let a passenger board or get out, otherwise they are always on the move. Time is money is the Kigali bus conductor’s saying.

  1. 2.      Comfortable

Travelling with the Kigali bus is much comfortable as they are spacious with 4 people seats per row. It is driven at a reasonable speed, comfortable enough to talk clearly to a friend sitting next to you or on phone. One has to mention the woolen seats that describe not just the Nyamirambo matatus but also the Cyangugu coasters.

  1. 3.      Monthly credit cards

If you have lived in western countries then you might understand what I am referring to, but since I haven’t seen a similar transport system anywhere else in this region, then I must proudly narrate how it all works out. KBS is a transport company offering town services mainly in Kigali. KBS lets you buy a monthly electronic credit card that lets you board any of their over 50 buses anytime for unlimited times all days of a month.

  1. 4.      You board once to reach any destination

Before the year 2010, travelling from one Kigali suburb to another meant boarding more than one vehicle especially making a stopover in Kigali city to board another bus. Today what you just have to do is stand at your nearest bus stop and you will suddenly hear a bus conductor saying, Kimironko-Kibagabaga from Nyamirambo or from Nyabugogo thus you hardly get to change buses.

  1. 5.      Every small town of Rwanda is covered

There are 19 travel agencies with 620 buses that commute from all upcountry towns and neighboring countries to Kigali town. There are also other several countless coasters, minibuses and high class 80 seats buses all allocated to circulate Kigali town all day.

  1. 6.       Decorated matatus with celebrity touch

Get to Nyamirambo, one of Kigali’s big suburbs and you will get to see several matatus painted with pictures of worldwide celebrities. So if you are a fun of Messi, Beyonce or Rick Ross, do not wait to enjoy a ride in your celeb’s fancy matatu.

  1. 7.      Enjoy the installed TV and Music Systems

The Kigali bus has sound systems that play a series of nice music. At times you will find some buses with installed in TV sets to show breaking news and entertain you during your journey.

  1. 8.      Town gossip and Behind the scene news

If you are a fun of gossip or behind the scene news, then boarding the Kigali bus several times will let you land on to town gossips. Inside the Kigali bus, you will listen to all sorts of people, from pastors preaching to brokers advertising what is on sell.

  1. 9.      No parking fee

Irrespective of the fact that you board the Kigali bus at the time of your wish, you neither pay for its parking nor worry about its security. It is the safest and cheapest means of transport in Kigali.

  1. 10.  It offers discount

Rarely will you find a transport company that offers regular discounts but the Kigali bus does. If you are a student then KBS best suits since your monthly credit card costs less than its normal cost of around 12,000Rfrs and if you travel 4 times on Kigali-Huye route with Volcano Express, you earn yourself a free 5th ticket.     Jovani Ntabgoba

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